Greenpark Podiatry is 70 years old

70 years ago in 1946 Greenpark Podiatry, known as just Chiropody in those days was opened to business by a Miss Pugsley. Although there are no photos of the interior of the practice, here’s a photograph of Green Park terrace during the 1940’s. It’s lovely to see the road free of cars!










Back then technology was limited and there wouldn’t have been the debriding drills for rapid removal of hard skin and thick nails. Clinical gloves and advanced methods of sterilisation were not available until much later. How things have changed!  So back in 1946…what shoe styles were we wearing? Remember it was just post world war II, so a colourful pair of cheerful sandals would cut a dash on the streets of Bath.








Pleasure & Pain


Photo: Publicity image for The V & A’s Pleasure & Pain Exhibition. High & Mighty shoot, American Vogue 1995.

I had the pleasure of visiting the ‘Pleasure & Pain’ exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum last week. An exploration of iconic footwear through history including shockingly tiny pairs of embroidered shoes for bound feet from China (late 18c) to the ankle twisting platform heels by Vivienne Westwood, worn by Naomi Campbell who famously fell over in them! As expected, there were very few comfy shoes or slippers on display but at least chiropodists and podiatrists are being kept busy as a result!

Sally, Reception


Sarah Richards joins the team

We are thrilled to welcome Podiatrist Sarah Richards to Greenpark Podiatrists. Sarah who gained a first class degree in Podiatry at Northampton University, joined our friendly team recently and is fitting in well with the busy buzz of the clinic. She has available appointments now, so if your feet need some pre-christmas treatment please call us on 01225 424784

Keep on walking!

Walking poles can help take the strain off your knees.

Walking poles can help take the strain off your knees!

Walking Equipment


The key to keeping your feet healthy and comfortable, regardless of the type of walking you do, is wearing properly fitting shoes. When buying walking shoes, try on several different brands, styles and most importantly sizes. Your feet can expand as much as half a size during the day, so shop for shoes in the afternoon or early evening when your feet are at their largest. That will help protect them as they expand during your longer walks. Also, wearing the same type of socks when fitting shoes that you wear when you walk will help you select the right shoe.
To get the best out of your walking shoes, you need to look after them properly. Polish them regularly and, if they get wet, put newspaper inside them and let them dry out completely before putting them on again. It’s a good idea to invest in a couple of pairs so you always have one in reserve.

Top Tips

  • When buying shoes, wear the same socks to the store that you will wear while walking.
  • Try on at least four or five pairs of shoes. Put on and lace both shoes of each pair and walk around for a minute or two.


Good socks not only help your feet feel comfortable within your shoes, but will also keep them dry by drawing moisture away from the feet. Whatever you do, don’t wear 100% cotton socks – they hold moisture against the skin, causing painful blistering. Wool and silk are often found blended with the latest generation synthetic materials. If you find wool too warm or irritating, you could try an acrylic blended sock. Socks made with new material such as CoolMax or DriMax are designed to draw sweat away from the skin, keeping it nice and dry. Double thickness socks are great if people are prone to blisters.

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Worth every penny, Mrs P, Bath

If your feet feel good, you have a smile on your face, Mrs R, Bath

Feel like I’m walking on air, Mr G, Midsomer Norton

Puts a spring in your step, Mr L, Bath

My feet feel like a teenager’s, it’s just the rest of me that needs sorting!, Mr B, Bath

Mother’s Day Gift – a Greenpark treatment voucher

Don’t Forget Mother’s Day on Sunday 15th March – treat your mum to a Greenpark Podiatry treatment

“I feel like I’m walking on air!” is often quoted by patients after a Greenpark routine foot treatment. They have a spring in their step and generally feel uplifted.

Our Mother’s Day podiatry/chiropody voucher will include a half hour treatment with a tea or coffee. Cost £40. Includes Mother’s Day card. Visit Greenpark Podiatrists to purchase. Reception is open Mon – Fri 9am – 4.30pm. Go on treat your mum!

Greenpark Podiatrists, 38 Greenpark, Bath BA1 1HZ. Tel 01225 424784

We are on the ground floor, perfect for those with limited mobility.

mothers day pic

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Calf Muscle Contracture

rock tape

Contracture of the calf muscles are a common problem that can lead to ‘Achilles Injury’. Running on hard ground is a factor that contributes to this which is often unavoidable. ‘Kinesiology Taping’ is a new treatment that is being used in many sports. It aims to relieve excessive tension put on muscles.This was noticeable when watching the Football World Cup, Wimbledon and the Commonwealth Games this summer.

Over the last couple of years, I have increased my running distance and speed. As a result of this, I have experienced several calf injuries and my left is particularly problematic, no matter how much stretching I do! Therefore, I wear ‘Rock Tape’ (a form of Kinesiology Tape) on my soleus and gastrocnemius muscles to prevent further injury. Applying ‘Rock Tape’ is different to normal taping, therefore, you should seek professional advice.

Please contact Greenpark Podiatrists in Bath on (01225) 424784.

Jasmine, October 2014