Welcome to Jasmine’s Sport’s Injury Prevention


Jasmine Maddison (BSc(Hons) DPodM Mchs SRCh) is currently working at the Greenpark Podiatrists in Bath, North East Somerset as a Podiatrist.

I was an athlete myself before suffering from injuries that required operations, which eventually, forced me to retire early from netball and taewondo.

My rehabilitation from injuries introduced me to the profession that is ‘podiatry’.

The awareness of what a ‘podiatrist’ is and can do is poor in the general population and I am working to increase awareness within the sporting population and youth as a whole. I have presented a talk to one school in Bath already. At the moment, I am working with football clubs to aim to prevent injuries rather than wait for them to happen to treat. Being involved with sports, I know how frustrating an injury can be. I am now a runner and have my first triathlon coming up. I don’t give up easily!

Podiatry covers nail care, callus debridement, verrucae treatment, but also bio-mechanical assessments which can lead to exercise / stretch regimens and orthotic therapy to improve the overall body posture and function, reducing the likelihood of future injury. Watch this space for my updates.


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